The International Workshop on Characterization of Interactions at Surfaces – Focus on Cellulose


Friday, August 24, 2018


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Tel.: +7 (812) 323-02-16

        +7 (950) 039-60-34

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Birzhevoy proezd 6

Saint Petersburg, 199034



Workshop program:

11.30-11.45    Prof. Sergey Lyulin


11.45-12.25    Dr. Mikko Karttunen
                       Computational sampling of the conformational space of chain-like molecules

12.25-12.40    Artem Glova 

                       Structural properties of hydroxybutyrate and lactide chains in cellulose-filled composites

12.40-12.55    Dr. Dmitry Tolmachev

                       Mineralization of phosphorylated cellulose nanofibers: Surface structure and ion distribution

12.55-13.15    Coffee break

13.15-13.45    Prof. Andrey Gurtovenko

                       Phospholipid-Cellulose Interactions: Insight from Atomistic Computer Simulations

13.45-14.15    Dr. Hector Martinez-Seara

                       Interactions of glycosaminoglycans with other biomolecules

14.15-15.45    Dinner

15.45-16.25    Prof. Arto Urtti 

                       Pharmacokinetics of Nanomaterials

16.25-16.50    Dr. Michael Smirnov

                       Preparation of nano-cellulose using deep eutectic mixture of choline chloride and urea

16.50- 17.20   Dr. Markus Miettinen

                       NMRlipids: Towards open force field development

17.20-17.40    Coffee break

17.40-18.10    Dr. Viktor Korzhikov-Vlah

                       The effect of PLA modification on cell-biomaterial interactions

18.10-18.40    Dr. Alexey Lyulin 

                       Novel Polyelectrolyte Membranes for Fuel and Flow Batteries: Insights from Simulations